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Covid Regulations Update

Our Clinic is fully operating!!

We are excited to highlight our newest addition to the Tailor Made Wellness family: Chiropractor Dr. Emily Devlin!
Dr. Devlin has a focus on pediatric, prenatal & postnatal care, as well as all other areas.
Check out her bio and feel free to call for an appointment or book online!

If you have an urgent need OR if you need to work an appointment specifically around your schedule,
please don’t hesitate to call! Our amazing front desk team are always willing to make things works if at all possible!

We thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we comply with the covid regulations in place.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Our Amazing Team

Our office team works hard to welcome and accommodate you, and to ensure your treatment is the best and most effective it can possibly be! This includes finding the best time for your schedule! We are proud to be part of your health and wellness journey, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Left to right: Kassie, Katie, Sherrie, Candace, Colleen (Office Manager), Delanie

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