Constance Day, MN NP

Constance has been a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner since 2007. Her career has spanned several provinces and nursing specialties including NP and RN leadership roles and several college and university teaching appointments. Her health philosophy stems from a firm belief that true wellness depends on a balance of physical, mental, social, environmental and spiritual practices which foster healthy lifestyles.


  1. Advanced Health Assessment and Health Promotion (Pap’s, Breast Exam, Prostate Exam)
  2. Diagnosis of Chronic and Acute Illness
  3. Prescribing Pharmacotherapy-Including Medical Cannabis
  4. Specialist Referrals
  5. PrEP Provider
  6. Chronic Migraine Assessment and Treatment with Onabotulinum Toxin A- PREEMPT Protocol
  7. Skin Tag and Wart Removal (Cryotherapy)
  8. Virtual Appointments